The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico

Episode 1 (of 6) — Chase The Shadows

January 26, 2022 Jozefius Season 1 Episode 1
Episode 1 (of 6) — Chase The Shadows
The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico
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The Magic Hummingbird — El Colibrí Mágico
Episode 1 (of 6) — Chase The Shadows
Jan 26, 2022 Season 1 Episode 1

Three San Diego, California teen rockers head to Tijuana to perform in a punk club on the TJ boardwalk... One of them, Francisco, was born in Oaxaca, Mexico but doesn't know it.  He is visited continuously by visions and struggles to comprehend their meaning, being both scared and fascinated.  His bandmates Clara (his soulmate) and Franklin (his sometimes frenemy) struggle with their own issues.  Franklin's father is a shaman in a white separatist cult... After their gig Clara and Frankiln chase Franscisco down the beach, into a storm, and they stumble onto a magic hut in the jungle.... 


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Three San Diego, California teen rockers head to Tijuana to perform in a punk club on the TJ boardwalk... One of them, Francisco, was born in Oaxaca, Mexico but doesn't know it.  He is visited continuously by visions and struggles to comprehend their meaning, being both scared and fascinated.  His bandmates Clara (his soulmate) and Franklin (his sometimes frenemy) struggle with their own issues.  Franklin's father is a shaman in a white separatist cult... After their gig Clara and Frankiln chase Franscisco down the beach, into a storm, and they stumble onto a magic hut in the jungle.... 


  — El Colibrí Mágico — The Magic Hummingbird ... A California Story 

Story: Joseph Martin Waters

Book: Joseph Martin Waters, Gustavo Alcoser, Michael Gillis

Contributions by Lauren Haughton & Amy Hecht

Lyrics & Music: Joseph Martin Waters

Dialogue adjustment: Jim Bible

Script tuning: Richard Morrison


© 2018-2022  Joseph Martin Waters

Episode 1 “Chase The Shadows” 


  • Chase The Shadows 
  • The Border
  • Circle of Pain
  • Flower (pan pipes and a capella Elias fragment)
  • Saint Children

Characters and Cast

  • FRANCISCO: (Rudy Alexander Giron) Chicano teen, inwardly sensitive,  naturally & unusually cheerful, exuberant, charismatic, intelligent but not well read, serious but unfocused, lives with his mom, from a conservative Mexican family. [Francisco was born in Mexico but does not know it].  He is fun loving, embraces an outward easy-going masculinity; openly gay;  is great at music and popular among his classmates; is notoriously location challenged [always getting lost, relies on others to find the way, loses his car in parking lots]; outwardly confident, inwardly riddled by doubt . He’s sincere though naive. He’s naturally an enthusiastic and outspoken team player, who openly embraces and supports what he feels strongly about, without necessarily having thought it through on his own.  He tends to trust the values of the group, and tends to channel his charisma to rally others around core beliefs.  Understands but does not speak Spanish; is a rock musician [metal/rap/norteno]; senior in high school. Guitarist & singer in band “Border Patrol” w Franklin & Clara
  • CLARA:  (Rebecca Jade) best friends with Francisco; American, strong-willed, outspoken, sexually active and curious, bilingual, likes to dress like guys, post-feminist, naturally warm, empathetic, politically active [parents are liberal social-democrats]; likes to read, naturally intellectual, gently cajoles Francisco & Frankln when they spout defensive & dismissive doggerel; but senses that they are different people underneath and likes those people; sings in a band with  Francisco & Franklin; same age as Francisco & Franklin. Is the gravitational center of the trio, the most focused, most adventurous, most stable, least fragile. Fiercely independent, strong moral compass.
  • FRANKLIN: (Leonard Patton) Francisco's rival and “best” frenemy; outwardly smooth, w big, quick smile but edgy & sporadically quick-tempered. Conceals his inner insecurity with sarcasm and swagger. He’s from a white trash background, non-religious, a bit cagey, manipulative, secretly jealous of  Francisco’s natural talent and seemingly effortless charisma; is flirtatious, slightly evasive [something about his explanations is always “off“], slightly secretive. He senses the unconscious gap in understanding that separates Francisco & Clara, and exploits it in small ways. He lives on & off with his dad,  who has shady, slippery operations.  He’s sexy, seductive, with an edge — a bad boy. Inside he often feels desperate and empty.  Franklin struggles against his father and his upbringing, and his resultant internalized world view.  This has given Franklin a sarcastic surface. He covers his insecurity by being insensitive.    Although he seems negative, deep inside he is a survivor, a hero child, unconsciously seeks to escape his negative milieu.  His unconscious struggle is to find a way towards becoming a positive, life embracing person.  Also a musician [vocalist and rapper]; same age as  Francisco and Clara, raps & sings in band “Border Patrol” [w  Francisco & Clara].  In love with Clara, and secretly desperate for her attention..  Clara knows this and realizes that she has tremendous power over Franklin.  She does not abuse it.
  • ELIAS:  (Gustavo Alcoser)  Honduran caravan refugee leader. kind, calm, clear, strong, a natural leader. Wise beyond his years.  Gay but in hiding, due to extreme homophobia in Honduras & Mexico. Meets Francisco in Tijuana; becomes  Francisco’s partner, collaborator and soul mate … Older, mid 20s-30s … He’s also a musician (plays panpipes, sings and plays guitar), has invisible feeling communications and connection with Apollonia (though he has never actually spoken with her in words… it’s more of a dream connection, that he is aware of and believes in, but which is also mysterious to him…)
  • APOLLONIA  (Karen Garcia) curandera [Mexican shamaness] – a mystical being, part human and part plant ..  Her spirit possesses Francisco, guides him … she appears in visions and in person…
  • THE PREACHER - (Charles Coleman) Cult leader - white separatist survivalist gang based in east county, San Diego… brilliant, crazy socio-path… craves power - is charismatic - has read Machiaveli - believes in the augaries of Roman mythology - 
  • IXAZALUOH (Karen Garcia) four year old member of the Honduran refugees, whose mother was recently killed at the camp by vigilantes. 
  •  SKELETON-ROSE: (Kathleen Waters) - ageless mystical being encountered by Francisco in the catacombs of St. Francis church in Tijuana
  • THE CROW: (Clyde Kimball) Franklin’s father: survivalist cult shaman, tied in with gang,  drug addict - has done jail time ... single father: low self esteem, isolated from self, prone to sudden outbursts of violent anger, abuse and bullying… but has a mystical side - is a shaman - and speaks the language of the crows 
  • ARNOLD: (Jim Bible) white separatist gang member and enforcer 
  • FLASH - (John Young) white separatist survivalist gang member and enforcer, minor role 
  • POOL PARTY HOST (Susan Haynes) 
  • STAGE MANAGER (Olivia Graeve) at TJ punk club 
  • Plant Spirits: (Mariam Mouawad, Philip Gomez, Cat Rojo) mystical beings connected with Apollonia
  • Border guard (Jim Bible)
  • Human Trafficker (Pollero) (Daniel Castro)
  • FRANCISCO’S MOM (Karen Garcia) strong, loving Mexican mom 
  • Macaw (Brazil) companion and confidante of The Preacher
  • Narrator: Joseph Martin Waters

Musicians: Geoffrey Burleson (piano), Todd Rewoldt (saxophones), Ian Buss (tenor saxophone), Daniel Castro (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, electric bass, mandolin), Daniel Pate (percussion), Christopher Jon Allis (percussion), Antonina Styczen (piccolo, flute, alto flute, bass flute)

NARR: “The Magic Hummingbird” ... 

This is a story about borders, between each of us, between life and death, plants and animals, sleeping and waking, nations, between those who are part of our clan and those on the outside …,

It is an ancient saga, and universal ...

…   interpreted by our guides: Apollonia, a mystical being, half human and half plant… and a little girl and her imaginary friend, a magic hummingbird

Act I, Scene 1

NARR: Episode one, rural San Diego, California,  the bedroom of Francisco, who lives with his mom in a weathered stucco. He was born in the mountains of Oaxaca but doesn’t know it. He and his pals Clara and Franklin make up the vocal trio “Border Patrol”... There's a guitar on a stand in the corner with car keys dangling off the tuning pegs.  Francisco is in a distracted frenzy, madly fussing with his hair while juggling pants and shirt ....  He hears a clattering at the window, swirls and sees a hummingbird stuck with its long narrow beak poking through the screen. He rushes over, gently flexes the top of the screen,  allowing the creature to wriggle free.. It hovers for a split second, observing, then turns and flies swiftly away into the upper branches of a towering pepper tree … He imagines the hummingbird being chased by a little girl and as the two disappear into the distant branches he sees the face of a beautiful woman, high in the crown, whose hair disappears into vines entangled in the leaves...

He startles awake, scrambles for car keys, glances up, rolls his eyes at the stained bath mirror:

 SONG: “Gotta Chase the Shadows pt1 continues ” 


There’s a hole in your pocket

NARR: He pats himself down, wags his finger at his blurry features in the yellowed glass:


You put in your keys

and where do they go?

(spoken) “UGH! Where DID they go?” (he sighs)

There's something floating in the air

beneath your window at night

NARR: In the mirror he sees a flickering image … behind his eyes … peering back at him ... 


a doorway glowing in the darkness 

a portal hidden from the light 

a place you must go  

Ya gotta chase the shadow 

NARR: He spots his keys,  grabs them with his guitar and whirls into the hallway where he is stopped dead in his tracks by his mom.

MOTHER: (in a stern voice) FRAN-CIS-CO. Y tu chamarra?! (And your jacket?!)

FRANCISCO: (speaking imploringly)  Mom… it’s summer!

MOTHER: Que summer, ni qué ocho cuartos! Ten! (“Summer, my foot! Here!)

NARR: She hands him a jacket.

MOTHER:  Y no vas a almorzar algo?  (And you’re not having something for lunch?)

FRANCISCO: (impatiently) Mom, I’m late!

MOTHER:  Ay muchacho! Siempre corriendo y nunca llegando... (Always running and never arriving…)  No van a ir a Tijuana, verdad?  (You’re not going to Tijuana, right?)  

FRANCISCO: (exacerbated)  NO MOM! I told you we’re going to play at a pool party here, then up in LA tonight.  

MOTHER: Te escuché anoche en el teléfono con Clara.  Porque ya te dije que es muy peligroso y no quiero que algo te pase!    (I overheard you on the phone with Clara last night… Because I already told you that it is very dangerous and I don't want something to happen to you!)

MOTHER: Siempre me traes con el Jesus en la boca… Ten.(You always have me praying to Jesus for you.”) 


NARR: He turns to leave, then returns and bows down to her level.


MOTHER: Que Dios te bendiga, mi hijo… (May God bless you, my son…) (more sternly)  Pero te cuidas!  (But take care of yourself!)

FRANCISCO: (endearingly) I promise, momma. 

MOTHER: hey! … Wait!Wait!Wait! )... felicidades!! 

FRANCISCO: It’s nothing…. I didn’t …(pauses)

MOTHER: (she cuts him off)... It’s NOT nothing  ... 

FRANCISCO: (turns makes a face) It’s not SOMETHING …. 

MOTHER: … it’s a SCHOLARSHIP … it’s a chance ...

FRANCISCO: I didn’t ask for it… I don’t even know…

MOTHER: … (incredulously)... go to college!?  You don’t know!?…

FRANCISCO: … Just.. ok forget it!  Thanks mom - love you!

MOTHER: … (worriedly, praying, trailing off into her thoughts…) Dear Jesus, that boy, what’s going to happen to him?… please keep him under your eye… bueno cha cha ...

Act 1 - Scene 2

  • NARR: Scene 2, suburban San Diego, California, It’s a beautiful afternoon — perfect SoCAL summer weather.  there’s a pool party brewing…  Clara and Franklin arrive together… Francisco’s late.. As usual...

PARTY HOST: [yells aloud excitedly, making an announcement] Hey everybody! “Border Patrol” has arrived! (crowd cheers)  (to Clara) Hey you guys ... so great you could make it!!

CLARA: Awesome to be here!

PARTY HOST: (to Clara) - we have some loops set up and a karaoke machine - What about if you lip-sync one of your hits? 

CLARA: We can do it live… you know Francisco’s not here yet but Franklin & I can wing it! FRANKLIN: (aside sarcastically to Clara) ... Probably lost his car again…

CLARA: I mean it’s a party not a gig.. No big deal ...He’ll be with us tonight in TJ...

(to the audience) Hi - glad to be here with so many of our posse, warming up for our gig tonight where we’ll be on the ground with y’all in TJ! …  

CLARA & FRANKLIN  “The Boundary, pt. 1”


I see you walking 

beyond the line 

Your lips are moving 

Do you see mine? 

I see you talking 

What do you say? 

Should I be looking

The other way? 


Should we pretend 

that I don't see you? 

Can we defend 

our world of yesterday?


If my eyes greet you 

will they betray 

Should we begin again 

or walk the other way

CLARA & FRANKLIN  (Chorus 1)

Tomorrow enters like a sexy stranger

a smooth deceiver smiling cross the floor

He waves as though we surely know the answer


In the candle light


Then bows with finger to his lips and dances out the door

Act I, Scene 3

NARR:  … on the freeway… Francisco’s races to join the others …

FRANCISCO (SINGING to himself and an imaginary audience)

On the beaches 

hidden in the sand 

in the water

beneath the waves 

There's a rumble coming 

a song emerging 

a melody 

A quiver 

something stirring deep inside 

a gentle whisper in the shadows 

Join me in the stillness 

That's where we'll be calling 

SearchIng for the (FADE)

NARR: The laughing little girl reappears. She is in tattered clothes outside his car. She waves at him and he waves back. She laughs. He laughs. 

IZAZALUOH: giggles (over narration) 

NARR: He fidgets with the radio. … looks out at the sky … the moving side view of the highway slows to a halt …  the woman of the pepper tree is in the clouds…  staring at him … her lips are moving ... her voice comes out of the speaker


I am here

With you always

Never fear

I am here

NARR: Francisco shakes off the hallucination and continues driving.  He’s foggy.  The hummingbird flies past and across the highway to an exit leading away from the party, to the beach. He absent mindedly follows, and before long his car is heading not to the pool party but instead to a tiny surfer beach, hidden from bathers… lonely and rocky ....   

Act I, Scene 4

Meanwhile back at the pool party ...

CLARA & FRANKLIN  “The Boundary, pt. 2”

 CLARA (rapping)

Compassion is hard

out in the yard

FRANKLIN (rapping)

Now I know just who you are

You keep your heart locked up in a jar

I’m sure you feel the same toward me


Is this what we call empathy?

BOTH (hocket)

Say it Say it Say it Say it

Is this what we call empathy?


I want to surrender 

explain those crazy lies 

or at least attempt a signal 

to apologize 


I can’t believe


but you can't see me waving


We fought so hard


no matter what you say


When you called I left and shut the door


if we turn and walk the other way 

(Chorus 2)


Is that really you out on the border


In the desert haze


or is it just a ghost a memory


A shape above my bed


At night my pillow soft becomes your shoulder


At night I can hear your sigh


The voices in the wind your spirit calling out to me


A quiet weeping

just beyond the wall


When we are losing

we lose for all


I see you walking 

You're walking tall 

but when they fell you 

Where will you fall? 


(Chorus 3)

Should we just pretend we have an answer? 

Is there a magic spell that we can say? 

a soft refrain a tune we may remember 

To help us thru the night each time that darkness wins the day


No we can’t know the trouble


in the wind


No matter what we say


We lock the door and throw away the key...


When we turn

and walk the other way.

Act I, Scene 5

NARR: Francisco's at the beach, he's forgotten completely  about the party. He walks out on the sand, looking out and up...


Singing let's our spirits fly 

out of our heads into the sky 

but it's not enough 

There is something hiding

gliding in the waves 

Disguised by the reflection 

of  the surfing sun 

We got to follow the shadows 

The fleeting shadows in the water 

Flirting with ghosts that we cannot see 

We hear the whispers call to be free 

from beneath the waves 

Everywhere we go, 

Behind the palms 

Beneath the sands 

Beyond the clouds 

Touching our hands 

The whisper's calling 

Touch of a leaf 

casually passing by 

pulling gently at your little finger 

sends an image to the sky 

What are we looking for?

Who do we seek?

Can we fulfill this waking dream 

Can we pour ourselves in? 

Pull the world along beside us 

Drag the sky behind us 

Like a kite on a string 

Someone is reaching out 


Voices are calling

NARR: The woman appears in the fog… 


I am here

With you always

Never fear

I am here

I am you

You are me

We are with the wise ones

The gods

Bless us


CLARA: Hey Mr. Ivy League, 

FRANCISCO:  Ivy League!? Oooph…  please….

CLARA: you OK?  Just checkin’ .. are you comin’? it’s a great party… Franklin & I just sang our new Spotify tune … everybody knew it!  It was dope!  They sang along!

FRANCISCO:  I.. I’m sorry! (searching for words) It’s, it’s  just that there was this woman 

CLARA: Woman? Since when are you interested in women...?

FRANCISCO: No, it’s not like that…

FRANKLIN: (irritated) DUDE, just get your ass over here already! 

FRANCISCO: Ok, ok, ok… 5 minutes

Act I, Scene 6

NARR: But he never makes it… Later that evening,  The band has a gig at “El Canton” a punk club on the boardwalk on the beach in Tijuana ... Clara and Franklin are in a rough narrow alley that serves as a green room.  It dead ends at the stage door.  At the foot of the alley, they see the long shadow of a piper …  Folks can be seen in the alley opening some 30 feet away, silhouettes in the sunset...  .

STAGE MANAGER:  Hey Border Patrol - you're up in five .. cinco minutos … come on

CLARA: (to Franklin) He’ll be here... 

FRANKLIN: He’s out… this is bullshit… We never should have just let him wander off .. in one of his moody hazes… he’ll never find this bar …

CLARA: … you started it ...

FRANKLIN:  What about this afternoon … (mockingly) he’s too good …

CLARA: you’re sounding like your dad

FRANKLIN:  (snaps angrily) Don’t talk shit about my dad .. At least he was there, where the hell was my mom? … so just shut up about it, but that’s not me… (getting worked up) those “visions” - it’s bullshit - it’s just stage fright .. every time…   

CLARA: What's eating you?

FRANKLIN:  He doesn't do anything, it just falls in his lap…

CLARA:(a lightbulb goes off)you’re jealous!...

FRANKLIN:  We should have cancelled. Did you hear the weather?

CLARA:  Don’t change the…

FRANKLIN:  … I have a bad feeling … There’s a freak typhoon down in Baja...

STAGE MANAGER: Hey where’s your guy? Two minutes here  


FRANCISCO: (clearly shaken) I can’t do it.... You guys go out there …

FRANKLIN:   (furious) shut it drama queen, I don’t want to hear it — move.

NARR: Franklin grabs Francisco … 

CLARA: (yelling) leave him alone!

FRANCISCO: these weird visions …

FRANKLIN:  (angry intensity) you’re not going to screw this up again...

NARR: He shoves hard … Francisco stumbles out ... They grab the mics

— CIRCLE OF PAIN —  (Clara, Franklin and Francisco in 3 part harmony)

Goggles foggin' up 

time to move your feet 

float across the floor 

now surrender  

to the rhythm  

Can you feel the beat?  

Just close your eyes  

Let us turn up the heat 

'cause you're ready for dancin' 

Act I, Scene 6

NARR: It’s hours earlier … a dingy motorcycle repair joint in Lakeside  … At the back of the shop, behind the naked engine of a chopped Harley, two gang enforcers with bulging arms corner a scrawny tattooed birdman , The Crow  …

ARNOLD: … preacher says we gotta clean this up already...

CROW:  my kids’ off again with his punk rock band buddies down in Tijuana at some punk club…

ARNOLD: Ya , well, he better get his sweet ass back here in time for the jump.

CROW: I don’t know why you care so much that he’s involved ...

ARNOLD:  Preacher says he's straying ... needs to get his commitment to something that he can't walk away from, he needs to show his mettle, he needs to show what he's made of.

CROW:  yeah but isn’t that kind of heavy? He’s pretty young for …

ARNOLD: Dude, you getting soft? we've been watching you  ya know. you've got a debt coming due.

CROW: just saying, he’ll be there… he’s got the fear of the Lord ...

ARNOLD: he better, for your sake... and you both better have a RIGHTEOUS FEAR OF THE PREACHER !! He doesn't play games , and he doesn't give a ratsass of what happens to people  who are disloyal to the path.

CROW:  I don’t …. I don’t know if I have the … the...

ARNOLD: the what.... keep talking bro.

Act I, Scene 7

NARR: Back in Tijuana … 


We're takin 'off

Now the earth is movin' fast 

Dancin' in your head 

Shoulder's shakin' 


Eyes are burning red 

It's time to feel 

Time to synchronize 

to stop from dyin' 

Act I, Scene 8

NARR: Back at the garage tension blooms like a flame thrower revving up …

CROW: You know… the … the Connection … I think I’m losing it… I ... just can’t (looking inside) … seem … to find it … lately ...

ARNOLD: (voice rising) you better find it fast, you’re the shaman … start singing … now!

NARR: At Arnold’s signal the third man leaps up - slams the door shut. They grab the crow, force him to the floor.. Arnold plants his knee into his neck ...

ARNOLD: I said start singing! 

NARR: Suddenly he releases his knee

ARNOLD:  that’s it … you’re pathetic (shoves him away with his foot)...Tomorrow, we’re going in at dawn… be here, you and your kid… or we’ll come for you.. And you better find your voice before tonight’s service… Now get lost...

NARR: The crow slinks away ...

Act I, Scene 9

NARR: Back at “El Canton”, the trio rips into the climax:


It's time to feel 

Time to synchronize 

to stop from dyin' 

[chorus 2]

Climbing in to the cockpit 

Check the radar on the ground 

No drones flying over head 

start the countdown 

and pull back the throttle 

slow at first 

but prepare for the bursting lights 

those are soaring jewels 

wings of your soul 

NARR: A mosh pit forms.  Franklin leaps into the crowd … 


We want

NARR:  The piper appears …


We want


We want We want We want We want We want We want

We want We want We want We want We want We want We want

We want instant hooks


got no time to waste

NARR: … piper and girl vanish .


we're ready to fly  

time to leave 

time to rise 

on the wings of a dove 

from our circle of pain 

time to grab the sky 

and throw it into orbit 

Act I, Scene 10

NARR:  After their set, out on the boardwalk… intermittent gusts of wind come whistling up land  then disappear… It’s Saturday night.   A line of dance clubs and bars hugs the beach, just beyond the high tide mark.   the three drift along the boardwalk... People are coming and going, couples and groups… but folks are thinning.  There are a few drops in the air, and the wind is picking up…  

FRANKLIN: That went better than expected. But you guys have to keep up with me, I can’t carry the tempo all the….

CLARA: just shut it Frank - you dropped some notes to - hey we’re in Mexico - let’s check out the boardwalk… there’s a Nortena metal club ...

FRANKLIN:  I need to get home - my dad gets mad and I don’t want to cross him.  And the weather’s getting raw..

FRANCISCO: (angry, half under his breath, mumbles passive-aggressively) yeah … right...

CLARA: hey what’s up… ? you OK?

FRANCISCO: (sulking) .. nothing…

NARR: He hears something, looks up and sees the piper.   Francisco does a double take,… then slowly walks closer.... The piper fixes his eyes squarely on Franklin,

FRANKLIN: what are you looking at?  


All I know

FRANKLIN: what are you looking at? PIPER (ELIAS):

Es ob-vi-o can't you see

We’ve got to em-brace

If we want to be free

PIPER (ELIAS):  Buenas tardes amigo! Al mal tiempo, buena cara.

(At bad weather, happy face.)  Why the long face?   The wind is whispering … change is in the air...

FRANCISCO:  “change is in the air…”

FRANKLIN:  (sarcastically) Yeah change is right … Let’s go - this is weird...

PIPER (ELIAS): (to Francisco, glancing at Franklin) Debajo del sayal hay mal

FRANKLIN:  (to Fransisco, demanding) … what’s he saying?

PIPER (ELIAS):  Go… El que no arriesga, no gana.

(If you don’t take risks, you cannot win).

CLARA: (Cutting in) We really should be going—

FRANCISCO: (moonstruck, to the busker)  where?

NARR: The piper points down the beach, out beyond the end of the boardwalk… where a dense jungle grows right up to the sand… it’s getting dark, a heavy fog has rolled in.  and a few drops of rain are hitting their faces…

PIPER (ELIAS): Just  trust your visions… Don’t be afraid…

NARR:  Francisco hesitates …,

PIPER (ELIAS): Go on… quickly...

NARR:   … then runs off … 


toma tiempo learn

another tongue

PIPER (ELIAS): (shouting after him) If you want to find me follow the music...

FRANKLIN:  What the hell ... There he goes again - off on one of his tantrums

CLARA: (Clara starts off after Fransisco) (alarmed) .. come on! -

FRANKLIN:  let him go - why you always babying him?

CLARA: this is new … something’s wrong.. a storm is coming....  we have to get him …

CLARA & FRANKLIN: (alternately calling while running) Francisco - wait… (several times)

NARR: … by now the storm is in full force - a cold hard rain is beating their faces, it’s fully dark… they are far down the beach.  Clara grabs his shoulder and pulls hard…

(All three teens speaking loudly, above the storm)

CLARA : (over the storm, up close, intense, talking directly into Fransisco’s ear, above the wind) We’re lost!We need to start heading back!

FRANKLIN:  (shivering, voice quivering) Brrrrrrrrrr ……… yeah!... It’s getting worse… I’m freezing… and soaked..

FRANCISCO:  (with wonder)  Wait! No..!!. Look!  Over there in the trees …. at the edge of the sand  It looks warm, …. Dry…

CLARA : (To Francisco, with rising alarm, concerned for her dear friend and not sure that he isn’t seeing something...) what?!?  What are you talking about?!? What do you see?

FRANKLIN: (angrily and fearfully… freaking out)  There CAN’T be anything over there! It’s just your crazy imagination … We need to get out ‘a here! C’MON .... the road’s this way…  FRANCISCO: (With slow deliberation - having a revelation while speaking, w a sense of wonder) …. wait!! … I… have …. seen this place… I’ve been here …

NARR:  A soft yellow light pokes through the jungle at the edge of the sand …

SONG: “Saint Children"


 Let out. Let out

NARR: A willowy figure beckons with hands made of leaves... 


Let out

your curious tongue

NARR: …  They are drawn into a hut of plant spirits


Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear?  Can you hear? Can you hear?


Secret garden lies before you

Hidden From your eyes

NARR:  The lady of the clouds leads them 


In the secret garden

The orchestra is playing



NARR:  They dance in a slow circle …






Be Still, Listen!


Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear?


The wind in the leaves

NARR: The trio joins in.


Transforms the breath

Of the little saints

And the breath

Carries the voices

Singing together






Be Still, Listen!


Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear?


A tapestry of voices


Can you hear?


Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear



APOLLONIA (speaking to Francisco) We have been waiting. You will need your friends to understand.

Act I, Scene 11

NARR:  Cut away to another night gathering. Deep in the desert, east of San Diego, 37 figures are gathered around a bonfire: singing and drumming. Leading them is the crow, cloaked in the headdress of a raven …  The others begin to join in with him …as he sings he twirls, and as his backside floats past one can see scars and burns… 

Act I, Scene 12∫

NARR: Meanwhile...back inside Apollonia’s magic hut … Clara, Franklin and Francisco are overcome with longing...


ning ning ning ning


Let out your curious tongue

Let me place in your mouth

The sacred children

NARR: She places a small fruit on each tongue


This is the reason

That you came


This is the reason

That you are here


Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear? Can you hear?

Ancient rhymes


And fugue


What is the message?

NARR: They  float, their  hands have become leaves…


Aaaah Aaaah


Let the little saints

Lead you down

Once again

Back to the secret garden


Act I, Scene 1 Francisco's Bedroom
Act I, Scene 2 Pool Party pt.1
Act I, Scene 3 Francisco's Highway Vision
Act I, Scene 4 Pool Party pt. 2
Act I, Scene 5 Francisco at the beach
Act I, Scene 6 Tijuana Club pt. 1
Act I, Scene 6 The Crow pt.1
Act I, Scene 7 Tijuana Club pt. 2
Act I, Scene 8 The Crow pt. 2
Act I, Scene 9 Tijuana Club pt. 3
Act I, Scene 10 Tijuana boardwalk
Act I, Scene 11 Dance with Plant Spirits